Natural calamities ravage the Philippines frequently, cutting off people’s access to clean drinking water.
Project H2O is a response to the need for potable water in disaster-stricken areas; it introduces portable
water filtration units for early recovery of affected communities until a permanent means of water
provision can be re-established.
In these past three months, Project H2O has stalled operations due to the COVID-19 community
quarantine guidelines in Manila. Luckily, no natural disaster struck during that time and we received no
requests for water filtration units. Instead we used the time to think of ways to improve the project. We
thought of gathering feedback from past beneficiaries. We are planning on formulating survey
questionnaire that will be based on WHO and UNICEF Core Questions on Drinking-water and Sanitation
for Household Surveys. Then, based on the feedback, we’ll plan on the next steps for the project.
Now, as the typhoon season nears, we hope we can go back producing units and be able to answer calls
for help.

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