The use of Audio-visual method in halting the teenage pregnancies in Rwanda.

As reported by the Rwanda Ministry of Gender and Family promotion, approximately six girls aged between 16 and 19 years become unintentionally pregnant every hour in Rwanda. The unwanted pregnancy has a harrowing effect on the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of the affected young girls as individuals, their off-springs, families and the country at large. Scratching the surface of it, impregnated girls dropout of schools, forced to marry young, discriminated socially and may even die of unsafe abortion related complications if they attempt to do so. As a young leader championing for health equity and gender equality, I opted to initiate CIEMA Education for Health project that uses the audio-visual method to disrupt the status quo.

First and foremost, the project aims to deliver comprehensive and reliable sexuality education and get young adolescents engaged in a hands-on learning process. The general goal of the project is to contribute to reduction of teenage pregnancy in order to uphold girls’ right to education and reawaken their full potential in schools and at community level. CINEMA method provides the choice to watch, listen to, or read each video, hence it benefits deaf community and illiterate individuals who previously neglected by traditional sex education methodologies. Thus, the method is inclusive and empowers the most underserved groups of people.

Tackling the implementation process, we transform sophisticated structures and functions of human reproductive organs into an easily understandable concept and write down the scripts which later turned into the teaching videos under technical assistance of IT experts. The videos are exhibited in the targeted rural secondary schools using the portable projector and sound system. As of now, eleven (11) secondary schools with more than six thousand adolescent girls and boys, have directly been reached.

As the world is experiencing an uncertain period due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Rwanda is no exception. Consequently, schools are closed until September 2020 but we refused to stay inactive. We, therefore, put our resources on YouTube channel in order to boost the target audience and to provide the school administration with the online links so that they share them with their students at home as well as they do for the usual lecture notes.


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