Rural Residency and Development Program - Alhafayer village - Gezira state, Sudan

Ahmed Abbas created a video for the Student Video Competition On Social Accountability by THEnet & The Network: TUFH. Ahmed is a 4th-year medical student from the University of Gezira in Sudan. He is the head of external affairs office in the Gezira medical students association and training support division director of MedSIN_GMSA. 

The video was filmed during our rural residency program it shows our work as a group in helping rural communities to have better health and life in all aspects and to increase their awareness to health issues. The video is a highlight of a 7 days health program dedicated for the people of alhafyer village in Gezira state, Sudan where students are the key player in that program and they are the source of the change. I hope you enjoy it and i hope it's a motivation for other students to start making change in their communities and capturing it through their lenses. - Ahmed Abbas


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