Junjian Chen created a video for the Student Video Competition On Social Accountability by THEnet & The Network: TUFH. He is a nursing student from Shantou University in China. He is interested in photography and committed to the development of health undertakings contributing to China's Health 2030. 

"This video was created when I took part in medical poverty alleviation in Fujian, China, last summer vacation. The medical Poverty alleviation campaign has been held for 7 years, bringing together excellent teams from major medical schools across the country. We go deep into China's rural grassroots, to check on the sick people with free medical visits and free administration. We have also done some health education. Health education focuses on primary and secondary school students, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Heimlich First aid, brushing skills, and other health knowledge that is relevant to life. The video is mainly based on interviews, with people of different identities to tell what they have seen and heard in the event." - Junjian Chen


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